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I was so happy to see this film! It is always so nice to see friends doing what they love and even better when they knock it out of the park. This short film was so well done – I loved the dynamics between the couple, I loved the mood that was set right from the beginning, and I love the surprises that happened along the way. There were beautiful light and dark moments, I laughed and also jumped out of my seat, it was a great roller coaster ride!

Amazing movie !! Loved it. I was definitley spooked after for a while!!! That’s how you can tell it’s an amazing movie !!! 🙂 loved the suspense,left me on edge of my seat. and couple funny parts too!! VERY well directed and put together !!!! definitley worth seeing !!!!!

This Short Film was Absolutely Brilliant ! The attention to detail regarding the Drama Factor was right on Point and the portrayal of each character was superbly done. The Cinematography, as well as the Production and Directing were phenomenal. One can easily see that, NO Detail was spared or “Left Out” in the Behind The Scenes part of this film. Kudos to ALL who worked on this film, especially Maria Gagliardi for her talented Production efforts. My particularly most liked element about this film would be the whole Suspense Factor, I was literally on the edge of my seat the whole time , just waiting for What would happen next. As my Nephew said, there was a very present “Cringe Factor” making you constantly anticipate the inevitable which was continuously delayed, but eventually happening. I would highly recommend this film to those who like suspenseful elements of a film. Congratulations to ALL who worked on this film. I wish you nothing but the very best in both your present AND all future endeavors.

This short film is nothing short of BRILLIANT! Where to start…. I was instantly blown away. The writing for this was spot on. Footage was amazing. The acting was so on point and I found myself either laughing constantly or mesmerized by what was to happen next. Such a good film and a huge congrats to ALL involved! ? ?

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